Re: Wanted: AI tutorial

André wrote:

Hello, i’ve searched the internet for an tutorial on programming
Artificial Intelligence to a game. im pretty new to programming, so
would be good with a nice guide how to create an AI. Thanks

AI, even constrained to the techniques used in game programming is a
pretty large space. It may be part of the reason you’re having trouble
identifying information resources useful to you is you don’t know what
terms to search for, which depends on the actual task you want your AI
to solve.

If you’re wanting to design an AI for games like checkers/othello/etc,
look for pages on minmax algorithms, alpha-beta pruning searches. In
fact, its worth while to learn about search techniques in general.

If you’re after an AI controlled critter moving across a “playing
field” with obstacles or terrain costs, I recommend you find a
tutorial on the A* search, its frequently used to solve path-finding

If you are able, I recommend purchasing a book on the subject or
seeing what is available at any library you have access to (sadly, my
local library doesn’t have any books on the subject…they barely have
computing at all!). One book I’ve read portions of that has good
explanations is:

It was supplementary reading for an AI class I took in '09. The
primary textbook was frustrating to read.

In any case, decide what type of problem(s) your AI has to solve and
search for techniques to solve those particular problems.

I did some brief searching, you may want to use this site as a
starting off point:

Good luck,


That’s a BIG area, that’s like asking how to machines lol.

I advise you to get a good book, study it all and then proceed to
you want/like.

You should also have a good background in algorithms to understand most

2010/9/29 Iain D. [email protected]


I see now why i didn’t find any tutorials. I think i’ll go with A*
because its a top down racing game. You guys helped alot, thanks alot!