Re: [USRP configuration with/without MIMO in unshared Ethernet mode]

*Hi Josh,

Thanks for replying. I have understood your answer and I wanted to
my question which I previously asked. It is:


If both usrps are attached to an ethernet cable, the data does not
travel over the mimo cable.

Revised Question: 2 USRPs were connected via a MIMO. Each USRP was
connected to an Ethernet cable and so both of them were in two different
subnets (This is the unshared Ethernet Mode) . I have a host PC which
the GRC design. Now when I set one of the USRPs clock source and time
source to MIMO, and the other USRPs clock source and time source to
default, I observed that both of them were synchronized and believe that
one is acting as a slave for the Master’s clock and time source… What
not able to understand is the baseband data path between the USRPs and
host PC. That is, whether the slaves baseband data within the GRC design
is received/transmitted via its own Ethernet interface and the masters
basedband data within the GRC design is received/transmitted via its
Ethernet interface? So, this means that the MIMO cable is only used for
sending the clock and time signals from the Master to the Slave ?

You will want to share a 10MHz ref and PPS signal to the two master
devices. The other two devices in the configuration can get reference
and time, each from a mimo cable.

Is there any way to synchronize these 4 USRPs without using MIMO, but
only using the ref and PPS? Because I see that your suggestion on the
is similar to the configuration depicted in the image attached with this

Also please note that my USRPs have GPSDO for referencing purpose, if



Looking forward to your reply.

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