Re: Using RFX900 with usrp rev 3 (2005)

I did all the modifications on rfx900.
when trying to burn eeprom i receive the following error.

bash: burn-db-eeprom: command not found

I am trying to run the command in the following manner (after mounting
the rfx900 on side A of USRP rev 3):

gohar@ubuntu:~/gnuradio/usrp/host/apps$burn-db-eeprom -t rfx900_mimo_a
-f -A -B

What am i missing?
Is there any problem with the permissions? If yes, then how to set
permissions correctly?


The newer way will have better phase noise.



When you are in a directory that has the executable you need to do this:

$ ./burn-db-eeprom

Try that.

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