Re: upconversion problem

— On Thu, 7/16/09, Brian P. [email protected] wrote:

used the script from the /gr-usrp/apps
GR_SIN_WAVE, wfreq, amp);

Subdevice name is Flex 900 Tx MIMO B
r.inverted: 0

Hope this helps.


What I think is happening is you are sending out a tone at
5MHz. What
is the value of wfreq?

Thanks Brian. The default wfreq value in code is 100Khz. can anyone
explain the exact significance of r.dxc_freq and r.baseband freq?

Also, I think the documentation mentions that frequency tuning is in
4Mhz steps. if it can tune to 920Mhz, why not 916Mhz which is closer to

Code comments state that the usrp_sink_base.tune() function is a
“High-level “tune” method. Works for the single channel case.
This method adjusts both the daughterboard LO and the DUC so that DC in
the complex baseband samples ends up at RF target_freq.”

Does this mean I can have more control using another “low-level” method?
which one would that be?


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