Re: "undefined symbol" with wxRuby gem on Fedora Core 5

Alex F. wrote:

Thanks for the report.

I’m pretty sure this will be because the version of GTK on
the (Ubuntu 7.10) machine that I build wxWidgets and the
wxRuby gem on is newer than that on the machine you’re
trying to install on. It looks like that method is
referenced in one place in the wxWidgets source and
conditionally compiled for version 2.10 of GTK.

Could you see what version of GTK2 is provided with your
distro please?

OK, yeah, I’m at 2.8.20, and can’t even update from the FC5
repositories (I’d have to go to at least FC6).

I installed FC5 off a co-worker’s CD, and didn’t realize just how
outdated it was. I think I’ll do a fresh install of FC8 and test
there (as well as with Ubuntu).

Unless I’m not the only one running such an outdated distro, it’d be
silly to support something so old. Thanks for looking into it,

-Jay McGavren