Re: undefined method `add_assertion' for nil:NilClass

I started with ruby about 6 weeks ago. So I am pretty new. The code I
contains out of 4 files and works only with a specific underlying
application, which I manipulate through the code. Maybe I am
the use of assertions. I thought that assertions help raising errors. I
don’t want to run a Unittest. So maybe my approach is wrong?
I removee < Test::Unit::TestCase

Now I get:
TEST FAILED.undefined method `assert’ for #WebAC::BPUtils:0x2c2e270

My code:
require ‘test/unit/assertions’
require ‘test/unit’

more code

$clsBPUtils =

more code

class BPUtils
require ‘test/unit/assertions’

def initialize
    # empty

def bpVerifyPopupWindowOpen( ieCont, verify)
  assert( ieCont.contains_text( verify) )
  puts("TEST PASSED. Found test string 'Programming Ruby' ")

rescue => e
puts(“TEST FAILED.” + e.message + “\n” +

Hi Bernd

if your parameter ieCont (I hope that does not mean what I am afraid it
mean :wink:
is nil it cannot respond to the method contains_text and that seems to
your problem.
It seems you did not pass an object of the expected type.

It does not really have anything to do with assert, only that the stack
trace becomes a little bit confusing sometimes.


On 3/22/06, Paatsch, Bernd [email protected] wrote:

TEST FAILED.undefined method assert' for #<WebAC::BPUtils:0x2c2e270> class BPUtils rescue => e Subject: Re: undefined methodadd_assertion’ for nil:NilClass

TEST FAILED.undefined method `add_assertion’ for nil:NilClass

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