Re: UHD/antennas/device names/etc

string it shouldnt try to set any antenna, so im not sure why you see

What are you trying to do?


I’m (just) trying to open a connection to a U2 + RFX2400 (full duplex).

What I’m not getting (perhaps I’m just being dense) is how to express
the antenna property in the string (i.e., apparently is can be “TX/RX”
or “RX2”, but does it take a prefix like the address does (i.e.,
“addr=”)? If it does, what is it?).

Again, sorry if I’ve overlooked something. I can tell I’m in the right
ballpark, but I’m just not seeing it.

Thanks again,


So im missing some context here. If you messing around in GRC, there is
an antenna parameter in the uhd source block. That antenna parameter is
a string that can be TX/RX or RX2. When set, it will generate a call in
the python code that looks like uhd_source_object.set_antenna(“RX2”)

That addr=192.168.xxxx stuff is just for identifying a device on your
system. Its goes into the constructor for the block into the args
parameter. There is no involvement of antennas whatsoever there.


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