Re: Two problems using foxGUIb

Dear Henon,
Dear Uncutstone,

thank you for your posts. I am now working in Linux, for a change :).
I encountered the problem that I couldn’t write into the SELCOMMAND
field in foxGUIb-0.6.1 version. So, I deleted this installation and
the version 5 hotfix.
The event editor now works. Thanks for that :slight_smile:
But I still have a problem.
There is no menu entry “Save Layout as…”, just an entry , “Save Dialog

So when I save this, I get the code and an error message, which I have

What shall I do about this ?

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On 5/25/06, [email protected] [email protected] wrote:

The event editor now works. Thanks for that :slight_smile:
actually the problem with event editor is not directly in foxGUIb
0.6.1 but in libGUIb 14.0. has been fixed in 14.2. if you’d installed
libGUIb 14.2 it would work!


inches.rb:26:in construct_widget_tree': undefined local variable or method inchesField’ for #ConvertButton:0xb7d41278 (NameError)
from inches.rb:60

this one is easy:
you named your widget @InchesField but tried to access it as
– henon