Re: trouble

Are you sure that is a same object by 6000 requests?
If you can’t, Of course, different .



发件人: cq wei
发送时间: 2008-08-14 15:31:55
收件人: nginx
主题: trouble

hello,i am a linux system administrator ,and i have problem now,the
nginx as picture server,the bandwidth
is higher than apache in the same condition.For example,established
connections is 3000,apache’s bandwidth is about 4MB,but the nginx is
about 7MB,i am sure the two servers run the same services,and in the
same datacenter .what should i do,maybe i should modify config files,but
i don’t know what should i do.Could you help me,thanks!

I am sure,I think the problem is in the nginx itself,maybe I should
config file.But I do not know where and how.I have tried it for a week
it the same.

2008/8/14 Chancey [email protected]