Re: Trouble opening IronRuby.sln

Thanks. Hopefully who ever had the problem get the answer as well.

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This is a Subversion conflict. When you did an SVN Update you
should have been told that these files were in a conflicted state. The
below basically says that your local copy looks like the first line and
copy from revision 101 looks like the second line. In other words you
changed a line in the file that has also been changed in the 101
You need to fix the conflict by hand somehow, depending upon
what SVN client you use, which is basically what you did by putting in
correct project reference.
Take a look at the SVN book for more information:

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I am not sure anyone looked at
this issue. I was able to open the project successfully in my laptop and
morning, when I tried in mydesktop I got the same error (I am using
This is what I found, 5 different project has following entries

<<<<<<< .mine




By removing and putting the proper ProjectReference I was able to
compile it

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Aaron Blondeau:

I am having trouble opening the latest (rev 101) IronRuby with
VisualStudio 2005. Nothing happens at all when I try to open
IronRuby.sln - not even an error message. I have been able to open
the individual .csproj files by themselves and get everything put
together, just not the top level .sln file. Is it expected that the
source will still work with VS2005 or do I need to move to VS2008 or
could my issue be something else?

I know I don’t have any problems opening with VS 2008. Is anyone else on
list still using VS 2005?


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