Re: [trellis - ofdm]

Hello Rita’s pcf

I’m trying to use the trellis encoder with the ofdm mod and the ofdm
Could you please tell me why it can’t be used just by connecting the
encoder’s output with the ofdm mod’s input.

Did you find a way to do this?

Please forgive me for my english

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Hi DCardona,

you should be able to do that – could you explain what doesn’t work?
Your problem description is too vague to help you.
By the way, your English is excellent; don’t worry.

but: who is Rita, and what’s her pcf?

Best regards,

Hi Marcus

Thank you for your quick response.

I think it works. I mean, i’m using an Error Rate block to compare the
Trellis Enoder’s output and the Viterbi Combos’ output (I’m also doing
with the PCCC Encoder and the PCCC Decoder Combo blocks) and the results
0 (like it should be). But i’m not sure if i’m missing something
the Viterbi Combo block (and the PCCC Decoder Combo) uses a
parameter, doesnt that mean that it decodes and demodulates at the same
The OFDM Mod block makes a digital modulation, and the OFDM Demod block
demodulates it.
So, am I demodulating twice? I am new at this and i don’t know if I am

I’m sending you my flowgraph, if you could see it, i would be really

Thank you very much.

Pd: I though Rita’s pcf was a user and I was answering a post. Sorry if
was wrong. Like I said, I’m new at this.

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