Re: Time Window (#144)

Thanks; I wasn’t aware of that method’s existence.

Actually, I wasn’t aware that Enumerable existed in the cor; its entry
in the standard library section on Rubydoc contains no reference to this
method. Has it been added there since I first looked, in (if I remember
correctly) version 1.8.4?

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On 10/24/07, James K. [email protected] wrote:

I then wrote the simple Array#some method that returns true if the
predicate returns true for at least one of its elements, which I used
to write

class Array
def some
each {|el| return true if yield el}

Isn’t this the same as Enumerable#any?


This raises one of my few frustrations with ruby. I find ruby far
easier to work with than Java in general, but the main advantage java
has is great auto-generated documentation. Both Javadoc and
autocompletion in IDEs feel superior to what ruby has to offer.

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