RE: The perfect development environment?

I don’t want to start a flame war here, but I have been developing quite
a few applications on a Windows box, and haven’t run into any issues at
all. Installing mySql, ruby, and rails were all extremely simple.
While I agree that Windows is not an optimal platform to host Rails
applications, I don’t agree that it is not a good environment to develop
Rails apps on. Just my 2 cents…

not to add fuel to the fire… (mac and linux at home, windows at work)
I’m developing on windows too and have no problem with instant rails.
but do to my lack of knowledge in servers I am having a hard time
getting lighttpd to run my app in prod. I am a total nuby to ruby.
(but I have a nice tagging app (with an ACL) ready for production)

Windows is a perfectly fine platform for developing Rails applications.
use Mongrel or Webrick for your web server.

+1 on using Subversion
-1 on RadRails (shameless plug for my own work here: but only because I think
setup I have is more flexible for now. Don’t get me wrong… there’s
lots I
like about RadRails.


I can probably help with your lighttpd issue if you want to email me
or start a new thread.

Are you talking about rmagick not working only on Windows? I have
working perfectly on my Linux production server using ruby 1.8.4.


Yes, only on windows it does not work with that particular combination

there are currently two ugly things (for me) when developing in windows:
rmagick does not work with ruby 1.8.4 and sqlite has not jdbc driver for

I think it’s important to look at more than just your editor, server and
command line when choosing a development environment. Rarely do we
develop code as individuals. Most often we develop in small teams of
developers or business analysts and as such collaboration is incredibly
important. I personally use a Mac for this reason with it’s build in
iChatAV for video conferencing and Remote Desktop to share screens.
Working as a telecommuter on most projects these two tools have saved me
numerous plane rides. I also like the Mac since it has a nice *nix
layer underneath.

Just wanted to point out that a development environment includes more
than just an editor and command line.


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