Re: text to speech?

I happen to be blind, myself (challenges of both the speech interface
and Microsoft Outlook make top posting much easier for me). I do not
have experience with Ruby on Linux, just Windows. In case feedback
about this platform is also of interest, I have found that the available
IDE’s for programming in Ruby do not work well with a screen reader such
as JAWS (the one I use).

Programming is practical, however, with a text editor like TextPad or
NoteTab. In fact, I have personally developed a text editor called
TextPal, using the Ruby language and wrappers for the WxWidgets GUI
library (which produces accessible controls unlike other cross-platform
libraries). It is fully keyboard accessible and offers almost every
feature I’ve found in a text editor (I compared many), and does so in a
manner intended to maximize usability by blind persons.

For anyone interested, the installer for TextPal, a free, open source
editor is available at the following direct download address:
It may be easily uninstalled as well.

Under Windows, Ruby console mode utilities work well with a screen
reader. These include irb, ri, and gem.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask further questions either publicly or


A live Linux distribution with support for text to speech can be
downloaded here:

It is quite old, and supports text to speech on the console and in
emacs. At least that’s what I heared.

It is specially made for Czech users so it may not speak English by



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