Re: 'system' and windows and an external program

Dear Ara,

thanks for responding.

perhaps? eg does your pathname have two extensions?

No, I’ve tried that, but actually filename is now “mout.tex”. I
understand why an
extension should be the problem if the first two commands work - they
act on the same file, or nearly …
The system should execute

latex mout.tex

to interpret the Latex commands and produce a ‘.dvi’ file

dvips mout

to create a ‘.ps’ from this file, and finally


to show the output.
For the first two commands, there is no output in a special window
though -
I use Ruby from Scite and get its output in a subwindow of Scite, but
opening an external application seems to require some trick which I
get .
It’s also not the case that Postscript is opened and closed after 5
as this is the last command in my script. :frowning:

Best regards,


On Wed, 2 Aug 2006 [email protected] wrote:

The system should execute

just to eliminate scite as the cause of the problem cd into the
containing the files, start irb, then do

system ‘gsview32’

if that works then also try

ruby -e" system ‘gsview32’ "

(assuming exists of course)

my hunch is that it should work. if it doesn’t then i would guess that
‘system cmd’ is missing some env vars you have set elsewhere somehow.



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