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Yea I thought that might be it too, but I upgraded to 1.0.3 and still

removed_email_address@domain.invalid 11/09/05 02:38PM >>>
What version of the Net::SSH gem do you have installed? There was a
problem with 1.0.2 that caused problems on windows. Please try
upgrading your Net::SSH gem to the latest (1.0.3) and let me know if
that makes any difference.

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On Nov 9, 2005, at 3:34 PM, Marc L. wrote:

I’m developing on WinXP and deploying to SuSe Linux. Both machines

been upgraded to Rails 0.14.3 and have the switchtower gem

The only modifications I made to the deploy.rb file on my
set :deploy_to, “/srv/www/apps/#{application}”

I pull up a cmd prompt, navigate to RAILS_ROOT, and entered the
following: “rake remote_exec ACTION=setup”

the output is as follows:

(in C:/railsapp)

and then I just get a C:\ prompt again. No prompt for a password,
error messages, no nothing. It takes all of 5 seconds. I go to my
remote server and no folders have been created.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going wrong here. Anyone have any
idea what is or how I can get more verbose output to try to track
the problem myself?

Thanks in advance.
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The first problem I had with SwitchTower on Windows was due to path
It seems that the Ruby ‘run’ command (used in Rake to get to
tries to run the ‘switchtower’ file, and the ‘switchtower.cmd’ file is
executed. Rake runs and exits quickly, with no hint as to what

I fixed this by making changes in my switchtower.rake file to explicitly
for the .cmd file and didn’t investigate this any further.

Also check out my blog entry here for a few other Windows/Unix issues I
worked through:

I also needed pageant.exe to be running (perhaps the Net::SSH update
this issue)