Re: Subversion and migrations confusion

[email protected] wrote:
As you might imagine, migrations are just more source code to be
added to
your Subversion repository. Should you need to roll back to an earlier
snapshot, Subversion is smart enough to remove new migrations that don’t
apply to that snapshot.
Migrations and version control don’t play very well together when you
have more than one person creating migrations for a given project,
though, because the repository won’t complain if two people check in
migrations with the same number. So you have to be careful to
coordinate the order in which migrations are created, and how/when
they’re saved to the repository.

I remember there was some discussion about this a while back.
Anybody out there tried fixing the problem with a subversion pre-commit
hook that rejects migrations with the same number?

Figured I’d see if anybody has done this before I write it up. It would
be great to see this issue go away.