Re: Stylesheets


Not quite sure what you mean about html>body hack? I don’t suppose you
have any links to any pointers?

Ehh… It’s a child selector that IE6 and below don’t recognize… so you
put the broken style in something like this:

/* this is for ie */
div.my_class {

and then right below it you put this:

/* this overwrites the previous style for CSS compliant browsers */
html>body div.my_class {

That’s how I make the few simple changes I need to fix IE’s box model
breakage along with a few other issues. I’ve made tons of sites with
complex CSS this way and only had to make about 2-3 of these per site.
It’s important to know that the further down a CSS rule is in the sheet
the more precedence it has so you always want to put rules overwriting
previous ones later in the file.