Re: Straight Java/JDBC versus JRuby on Rails on JBoss Perf. Evaluation

John W. wrote:

So Java is consistently 15x faster than JRuby.

Didn’t it seem strange that so many of the white bars should be exactly

As you can see from the table:

: those Java measurements are off-the-chart 24x 49x 101x 194x 88x 113x
26x 150x 16x 167x

And as the JRuby measurements were made with Java 6 -server the
appropriate comparison is not ye olde Java 1.4 but Java 6 -server, and
12 of those Java measurements are off-the-chart faster 20x 46x 102x
196x 109x 120x 43x 106x 10x 170x 21x 28x

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