Re Stereo FM on USRP board with Basic RX board do not able to catch signal

Hi Eric,
I tried simple FM receiver example in GNUradio ( with
board, with Basic RX antenna.
I able to catch some station like 93.5 FM, but not getting clear sound,
heard noise too much.

Then I try to run stereo FM example made in GRC,

  • to understand a process I put FFT after quadrature_demodulator, but I
    1.I could not get good signal after quadrature demodulator itself
  1. do not able to see any pilot signal around 19Khz, or L-R signal
    around 23
    to 53 Khz. and L+R signal aroud 0 to 15Khz.
    I do not able to hear any thing.

but at same FM station(93.5M) in mono case I can here atleast some

I attached my GRC block diagram for your reference, please guide me,
where I
am wrong.

Thanks and Regards
Tushar P.
[email protected]


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