Re: Spurious Spikes Seen with

Hello again,

I have some more screen shots that might explain better what I am
asking. These screen shots are from the 825 MHz - 850 MHz band, which
should include most of the GSM 850 uplink channels.

I have circled in red the tops of the spikes I think might be spurious.
I didn’t check these against a spectrum analyzer like the ones in my
original question, so I don’t know for sure they are spurious. They
appear similar to the ones I’m my original message. Also, disconnecting
the antenna doesn’t attenuate them much.

Does any one know what these spikes are and if they are normal? Are they
a software or hardware artifact?



Hi everyone,
I am using a USRP with only a DBSRX daughterboard installed. The
image at the following link is a screen capture I took.
Does anyone know why the spike at 921.6 MHz is there? I have
observed many of these spikes in other parts of the spectrum using I looked for them using a real spectrum analyzer connected
to an antenna and did not observe them.
I used the same parameters in that were used in the
first image at the following link.
Find a GSM base station manually using a USRP
This spike does not exist in their plot.
I appreciate your responses.