Re: Simultaneous transmissions, UHD, metadata

Thanks for the response Josh. Unfortunately I am still clueless on how
to accomplish my task. So let me explain what I am trying to do.

There are two nodes (a node has a N210+WBX and a powerful enough CPU)
and I want both of them to transmit a carrier signal at the same time.
This is the sequence of steps I am thinking of:

Step1: Node1 transmits a reference (trigger) sequence
Step2: Node2 correlates on the reference and finds the time at peak
Step3: At a certain time T from the peak-time, both Node1 and Node2
transmit a carrier signal (const_wave) reasonably simultaneously

Having described the task, let me take a stab at how I would go about

  1. Note t1 = timestamp of last sample of reference sequence. t2 =
    timestamp of peak correlation sample. Set time reference according to
    t1, t2.
  2. Assume there is a gr_signal_source that accepts time offsets from
    time reference and populates metadata accordingly.
  3. Assume gr-uhd recognizes the metadata and transmits the buffer at
    the right time.

I understand that metadata does not get through in gr-uhd (at least
currently)… but I am not sure how else the task can be done. Any
comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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