Re: simple smtp server

From: Hartin, Brian [mailto:[email protected]]

I second the question. :slight_smile:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

I’d like to understand if anybody has ever written a very simple

server (supporting SSL authentication). I’d like to write an
stmp proxy
for my own personal usage and I’m trying to understand where to

I’ve never written a SMTP server, but:
is probably a good place to start.

On Oct 31, 3:00 pm, “Gavin K.” [email protected] wrote:

I’ve never written aSMTPserver, but:
is probably a good place to start.

As far as I understand the Net::STMP class is related to client side
SMTP protocol only. Are you actually suggesting to take a look into and
by making the Net::SMTP to work with my server, gradually implement an
STMP server implementation?

Yes, I could do it, but it seems a long road to me.


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