RE: Similar to yousendit application

Hi all, i need some help on ruby on rails programming.
Please do guide me as I am still new to ruby on rails.

I need to do a application similar to But i am stuck on
how to go on.

This is how my application should flows:

  1. The user enters his email and the receiver’s email, subject and
  2. The user then click browse to upload the file.
  3. Once the user hits submit button, the file will be uploaded to a
    local directory, not database.
  4. Then the user will receive a email such as subject, message and the
    website link to download the file.
  5. Once the receiver opens the website link, the user will receive a
    email of who has downloaded the files. In other words, the website link
    is unique and secure to each receiver. Although they are downloading the
    same files but the website link is different.

My problems now are as follows:
a. How do I generate a unique and secure(hashed) website link once the
user hits submit?
b. How do I send email to multiple receivers?
c. How do I tie the website link to each receiver?

Great idea. I started youSendIt, brought it to $1M USD/year in
revenue, then gave it away to VCs. It was the best decision of my


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