Re: Signal reconstruction

Dear Aadil,

  1. First upgrade to latest gnuradio release.
  2. Put the USRP behind.
  3. Start generating the sinewave by software using gr.sig_source
  4. Do the mathematics or FFT or whatever you want on this simulated
  5. If everything is ok, switch back to USRP, if not, then you have a
    problem in using the gnuradio, and you should learn more.



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Also, it’s not clear to me what you’re actually trying to do.

I’d like to capture FM signals and perform ambiguity measurements on

at the moment, i am failing to capture data correctly.

If you want to plot data in real time, please use either the or applications. You can capture data
to disk using the example.

I suggest you start with these, then do your own experiments.

These are the files that I have been using. to write to file and and for
realtime examination of the data and Matlab for post processing, based
on the utils in gnuradio-core.