Re: Signal processing in Python


could you describe in a bit more detail what is the
decoding function you want to implement.
Chances are it is already implemented in gnuradio.


Sorry for that, shure i would be happy to provide you some
information i am currently stuck anyways in developing a decoder
because i am not the best in signaling stuff :slight_smile:

Ok well i know that the signal is Miller encoded (Aka Delay encoded)

On this website you can see a short description:

Because i know that it is generated by a Texas Instrumets Chip and
there is a reference implementation, i know that is for shure miller
encoding and it also looks like miller.

The reference encoding does only cover mouse data transmission (not
receiving part) so i have to write the decoding for it.
What i want at the end is just the binary data so that i can dissect
or construct packets. But the missing part in the puzzle currently is
the miller decoding of the received signal
to gain the binary data stream. (Ups i repeat myself.)

I could provide the PDF from TI with the details on the miller if
someone want to have it.

So any help is welcome.

Thanks a lot.



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