RE: Shared hosting for Rails projects

Sorry for the top-post again… Writing on my phone :slight_smile:

check out planet argon. In the future xeriom will be offering rails
hosting but it’s still being tested out.

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Subject: [Rails] [OT] Shared hosting for Rails projects
From: “Julian ‘Julik’ Tarkhanov” [email protected]
Date: 18th November 2005 7:12:29 pm

To much of my dissapointment, the uptime on my TxD account does not

What alternatives do we have for hosting Rails projects on shared
accounts? I would love to keep lighttpd and the level of control I
have on TxD but wouldn’t like to spend much more (I am currently on
the 25$/month plan).

I won’t need much support, but I would love to have subversion

What options have we got? All the european offerings I’ve seen to
date are ridiculously overpriced and thusly excluded from
consideration (as much as I would love to have my stuff hosted in
Amsterdam it’s just not worth it).