Re: Search-result referrals in Net::LDAP

fr Francis:

This happens because many A/D servers are configured to

return what LDAP

calls “Search-result referrals”- an additional LDAP URL that you are

encouraged to query in order to get additional relevant results. The

Net::LDAP library was not supporting this result-type. I’m in

the process of adding it in now and will produce a patch shortly.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

if you care to show us the script, i will also test it here.
thanks and kind regards -botp

Botp, it was only a few minutes’ work to handle referrals at the
LDAP-protocol level. The problem I’m having is at the API level. A
search-referral is returned as a search result, like any other, except
course that it’s different: it has no attribute-value pairs, and
consists of
a sequence of LDAP URIs. My first thought was just to add a method to
Net::LDAP::Entry and let user code figure it out. But I don’t think you
to add entry.is_search_referral? to every one of your search-result
handlers! So I’m trying to think of a better way to surface the referral
user code. Do you have any ideas?