Re: rx_buffer testbench

Davide A. writes:

I’m trying to modify the rx_buffer module, in order to obtain a 1 bit
quantization. Is it available a testbench for this module?

I’d also like quantization to less than 8 bits. Attached is
a rough diff for rx_buffer.v that aims to support 4, 2, and
1-bit quantization. This is very rough, and I don’t even know
if it compiles (have to go get myself a copy of Quartus),
but it would be good to know from others on the list if this
is the right direction.

The stock rx_buffer.v implements round-to-zero. It’s not clear
if this is the most useful, actually—if I request 4-bit
samples, I’m more or less expecting 4-bit uniform quantization,
right? So the attached patch changes to round-to-nearest-even.

Peter M.