Re: RuntimeError: audio_oss_sink

missing dependency for audio support for Ubuntu

Hi Tom

op25 is more or less out of business without GR audio support - is there
a way to add something in the gr-op25 pybombs recipe to specify that
audio should be included as a ‘depends’ prerequisite? Thx to Scott for
finding this and reporting it - many users would not be in a position to
diagnose and repair this, so it would be better if we could automate it.
To me it’s not so much an issue specific to OSS, but rather a generic
question of how to ensure that audio capability isn’t omitted (whatever
audio flavor the OS/distro happens to use for standard audio support).

The goal would I think be to get pybombs to build stuff in the correct
order so that by the time it gets finished with gnuradio, audio is
already done - that way it would not be necessary for the user to
rebuild anything (which might be beyond the capability of many users).
Ideally we want to get to a place where the end user just clones pybombs
and runs ‘pybombs install gr-op25’ and all the necessary stuff happens
behind the scenes - including audio support…

Thx & Best Regards


On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 9:11 PM, ikjtel [email protected] wrote:

to ensure that audio capability isn’t omitted (whatever audio flavor the
Thx & Best Regards


Hey Max,

I’ll keep this in mind and try to figure out how best to handle this
in cmake. The problem with trying to make a depends in PyBOMBS is in
trying to figure out which audio subsystem you have available to you.
We have alsa, oss, jack, portaudio, osx, and windows audio and there’s
no guarantee that any one of these will be available or work on your
given machine. So we can’t add asound-dev, for instance, as a
dependency because you might not be able to actually use ALSA (of
course, these days, you most likely can as long as you’re running
Linux, but Linux and audio have a painful history – cue rant from
Marcus L.).

I think the best way we can help is to make it blatantly obvious what
audio subsystems GNU Radio was built to support, make sure the
gr-audio.conf provides the means to access them, and then have OP25
(or any other project) use the configuration files to set up the audio
devices from this (for help with accessing preferences, see the front
page of the manual under Configuration / Preference Files).


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