Re: running rspec on 1.2.3?

Hi David,

Thank you for your response.

Got it working:

The rspec_on_rails was not being loaded because it appeared in the line
config.plugins -= %W( query_trace … } # plugins that should NOT be

in the file config/environments/test.rb

Fix: check that both rspec and rspec_on_rails plugins are being loaded
in test.rb environment file.

Some details:
A confusing bit is that it appears that the rspec load path is being
added by the rspec runner. So even though the rspec plugin was ALSO NOT
being initialized by RoR, the problem was occurring with rspec_on_rails.



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Anyone know how to run rspec on 1.2.3?

It fails out of the box…

I newly downloaded rspec, rspec_on_rails and ran the command
ruby script/generate rspec ==>>> Does this script work right?
from the instructions

I then created the directories in spec:
controllers, fixtures, helpers, models, views

I then created the file spec/models/user_spec.rb as a spec for my model

Did you run ‘script/generate rspec’?[yes, see my statement to that
effect above.]

Anyhow, my problem:
I run rake spec
and get

`gem_original_require’: no such file to load – spec/rails

The file /spec/spec_helper.rb contains the line
require ‘spec/rails’

I noticed that the load path does not include

That’s weird. The load path should include the lib directory of every
plugin. What version of rails are you running?
[v 1.2.3, as stated above :slight_smile: ]


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