Re: rubyscript2exe - cannot execute binary problem

I forgot to say: I am using Linux Suse 10.2 to create the binary, and
the binary
on a computer running Suse 9.3 and on one running Aurox 11… shouldn’t
executables normally run on any version of Linux ?

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…when I copy the executable to another computer, I get the
following error for the script :

/bin/sh: /tmp/eee.appl2_linux.2/bin/ruby: cannot execute
binary file

…shouldn’t the executables normally run on any version of
Linux ?

No, they shouldn’t:

  • Linux runs on a lot of architectures, e.g. executables
    compiled for i386 won’t run on PPC.

  • Unless compiled statically, executables and libraries depend
    on other libraries. If these libraries aren’t installed, or
    installed with a different version, you might run into

I guess, you’re running into dependency problems.

BTW, please use the latest version of a tool when reporting
bugs. You’re using either RubyScript2Exe 0.5.0 or 0.5.1, while
the latest is 0.5.2. (BTW, updating to 0.5.2 won’t solve your
problems… :})

Erik V. -

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