Re: Ruby vs. PHP

Chad P. wrote:


I’m also not sure the jruby implementation’s numbers here are
representative of JRuby’s strengths. Does JRuby benefit from the
benefits of Java’s optimizing VM for long-running processes?
I know it’s probably suffering, in micro-benchmarks, from increased
start-up times as it loads the VM.

JRuby is suffering from being 1.0

“JRuby 1.0 was focused almost entirely on one goal: Ruby 1.8.x
compatibility. … The next step is making it run as well as possible.
… The heavy lifting for performance and scalability are coming up

Please notice that JRuby is running some of those “micro-benchmarks”
for 2 1/2 hours before dwelling too much on JVM startup-time :slight_smile:

I’m surprised to see python’s median so low. Are these benchmarks
heavy on bytecode-optimized Python, or do they tend to use standard
interpreted Python?

A build and run log is shown for each program:

And then there’s Psyco