Re: ruby sdbm library reliable?

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So, I’ve been looking at ways to get around this. I would basically
look at replacing the back-end flat file format of KirbyBase with
something faster.

Maybe the “one database equals one file” is the problem then. Could you
use a separate text index file to speed up that process? I’m not a
database design expert, but such a concept is not without precedent.
Take a look at this:

It summarizes the various files generated when creating a database for
an engine called BRS Search. Mind you, BRS Search uses static databases
(i.e. if you wanted to add records you had to rebuild the database), but
it’s gawdawful fast.

Or maybe that concept is totally orthogonal to what you’re trying to do.
Like you I’m just brainstorming. :slight_smile:



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