Re: Ruby Multithreaded producer-consumer problem

I was squarely aiming that at Love U Ruby, NOT you. My apologies if I
misaimed or didnt make that clear. It was NOT aimed at you.

D. Deryl D.

“The bug which you would fright me with I seek” - William Shakespeare -
The Winter’s Tale, Act III, Scene II - A court of Justice.

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Subject: Re: Ruby Multithreaded producer-consumer problem

D. Deryl D. wrote in post #1097087:

You dont get to start telling people that after all the un-googled,
no-try, easily solvable questions YOU have been dumping to the channel.
dont get to flip the script on everyone else.

Who are you to tell me what I get to do? You’ve an opinion, that’s fine,
almost everyone has one and that’s why they say “an opinion is like a
a**hole, everyone has one”. Keep it to yourself, don’t start threads
trying to intimidate people because it is not going to work on me.

You were told that because youve done NO research on your own, youre
asking every little teeny tiny question that pops into your head over
over and over and over and over and over… ad nauseum to the list.

Before learning Ruby, you need to learn some English. “youre”,
“nauseum”, seriously?

You dont get to start telling others to follow that when you dont follow
it yourself.

Here’s a good advice. Stand in front of a mirror and say that to

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