Re: ruby-ldap on Windows (built)

From: [email protected]

The biggest problem is that the win directory creates the wldap32.lib
file - however, I discovered that this .lib is a known bad
library, and
so I dropped in the one from the SDK. Without the proper
version, even
when I got it to compile, it would crash during a bind.
Dropping in the
.lib from the SDK alleviated this issue as well as all the build
warnings about mismatched linker offsets.

Ah, excellent. I already submitted a bug report about the build errors.
Could you please submit a patch on the SF site for Ian?

I also think there’s got to be a better way to link against wldap32.lib
without creating a local copy, especially since the newer SDK’s don’t
inlcude a ‘dlltool’ command. At least, mine doesn’t. I just copied the
dang thing manually out of the SDK lib directory.



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