Re: Ruby For Hackers

For me, I find generally ruby is “nice”.

  1. Easy to do a gui (Either locally or via the web using rails
  2. Easy to use a database (In 6 months I’ve done Oracle, Pervasive,
    Unify, Firebird, and dbase)
  3. Generally easy to “script” to everything from LDAP to telnet and
    screen scrap the web
  4. Easiest to learn (Python was easy to, but the web framework is less
  5. I think if you want to do a “exe” py2eye is sweet. I need to find the
    equiv for ruby
  6. Python I think has better graphics libraries (My pcxtojpg didnt
    require ImageMagik, and is a easy to use command line exe)
    7… I hacked a Color Profile with ruby and bitstructs, so hacking
    packets is pretty easy to

I learned python 18 months ago, I learned ruby 9 months ago. I’ve not
touched python since.

Also check out shoes.

I love ruby so much I even invested in 6 books. (But you dont need them
as almost everything is on the web).

If I had any compaint about ruby, its that its “too” easy.
:slight_smile: Nice problem to have.

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Luka Lukako wrote:

| Which learn first, python, perl or java? which is more easy?
| 1. python
| 2. perl
| 3. and java?


They are all equally easy or hard to learn, nowadays, especially if you
already know your way around technical documentation, or know how to use
a search engine.

(I know that ‘Dive into Python’ is available for free as electronic
version, which is sort of similar to Programming Ruby).

Phillip G.

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