Re: ruby equivalent PHP function is_numeric?

From: Paul L. [mailto:[email protected]]

What purpose does the underscore play? I see that it is
accepted, I just
can’t figure out why. I have never seen it as part of proper numeric
syntax, anywhere, in three decades in this business.

a = 1_2_3_4_5_6_7 # => 1234567

big = 10000000
Quick, is that 1e6 or 1e7 or 1e8?

big = 10_000_000

Gavin K. wrote:

big = 10_000_000

You mean, avoid ambiguous locale-specific group separators “,|.”, yes?

Interesting. Never saw that before. Plenty of underscores, none of them

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big = 10000000

I think more for input convenience
x = 10000000 => 10000000
y = 10_000_000 => 10000000
z = 10,000,000 => [10, 0, 0]

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