Re: RoR and Hosting


While this discussion is still warm, I want to put in a good word for, who I use for my hosting. So far it’s been the best of all
worlds: fast, cheap, and flexible. I can set up any number of domains
unix accounts in my reseller distro, have root access to a quick,
virtual server with ssh, sftp and all the nifty webmin sysadmin tools
non-SAs, and amazing support in the form of the very knowledgeable CEO
Doyle, who’s been like my own personal dp department (when I need him).
was more-or-less DIY as far as the rails installation went, but it
all that hard to get mysql/rails/fastcgi playing together nicely on my
server. Now I can set up any number of rails-enabled websites for myself
or for clients, and if I want to change anything about my configurations
or my clients’, I can do it. And it’s cheap. That’s amazing
support, and value. Having seen some of what Rails can do, Tim is now
interested in steps he can take to serve the Rails community better.