Re: Religion (was: god 0.1.0 released)


This discussion raised some interesting many questions, I will only list
two of them at this stage related to complete autonomous agent:
1- Is Ruby a complete language to support the development of a
complete intelligent agent?
2- Can “god process” assists in generating complete autonomous
agent’s processes in a way that suit any goal in order for multi-agents
to cooperate, to communicate and to survive in any complex environments?

I add that you can call someone “a king , a president …etc” but this
person may never have the actual power or the characteristic of a real
king; so naming a process “god or even God” does not mean it will
represent, replace or even have similar power of the creator we believe
in “regardless of the different naming used by different religions”.

I believe that we should not change the objective of Ruby list, but it
is not enough to make the conclusion below. Try reading some books such
as : Even angels ask by Jeffrey Lang and The writing on the water by
Muhyiddin Shakoor ; Then, decide how long it will take us to achieve any
virtual system with the same capabilities.


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You’re the first atheist I meet that could ever proove that God doesn’t
exist ^^