Re: Reflection bug?

That worked! That would be a fun bug to track down. :slight_smile:

I was worried that it was reflection against an attribute, because the
documentation on the IR site seems to suggest that attributes still
supported in .net API interop. (

Thanks again!

That’s a bit ambiguous.
If your C# library uses attributes I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able
reflect over those types with IronRuby and execute the attribute.

But using attributes in Ruby that is a totally different story. Luckily
has a different idea about classes and you can use class methods to
reach a
similar effect.
For example ASP.NET MVC uses attributes to do its job, but IronRubyMvc
no need for them because it uses those class methods.
ironrubymvc/IronRubyMvc/Controllers/controller.rb at master · casualjim/ironrubymvc · GitHub

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