Re: Recommendation for Simple GUI Development

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On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 11:15 +0900, billbell52 wrote:

I am looking for a quick easy GUI development capability that runs on
both Windows and Linux. Today, I am using Excel’s VBA to create a
and using that to control running the Ruby scipts. It is a simple
minute job to create a GUI to control different Ruby scripts and I
Excel to report back results. I would like to have the same
that runs on Linux and Windows. I thought I would use QT4 from
Trolltech. They have a nice GUI development environment that allows
you to quickly develop a GUI but I cannot find any Ruby GEM that
QT4 to Ruby on the PC - so no go. I looked at some other solutions
all of the them seem to required a lot of development time to create
the GUI.

I need widgets like a tabbed panel, listbox, combobox, optionbox,
checkbox, textbox

Any other recommendations?

Ruby-GNOME2 && glade for windows