RE: Re: Re: Session is being shared between tabs!?

  1. The software is sometimes used in a busy lab environment
    where many people will use one computer. Each person will
    want his/her own instance of the application on the same machine.
  2. There are complex-graphs and statistics for compounds. If
    A user is working on compounds they would want 2 screens
    showing the info.
    • some others

Unfortunately as others have pointed out this isn’t specific to Rails.
It also affects many other web applications.

As to why would I need it? For me, when working in a QA/Support role I
need to sign in to applications as different users to test and verify
display and functionality. If the app is using sessions in this
fashion, I have to completely close all instances of the browser
(including those open with reference web pages and other unrelated
sites) in order to switch users since the session remains beyond the
close of the tab / browser window. This quickly becomes a complete pain
to do.

My only solution is to run multiple different browsers. Which is why I
have IE, Firefox (my preferred default) and Opera all installed on my
machine. Not pretty but it’s the best I can do with some of the apps I

The only other possible solution would be to use virtualization to
isolate the browser windows which might yield the desired effect but
certainly raises the complexity significantly.