Re: Re: Rails - where are the BIG web apps?

carmen wrote:
On Tue Jul 18, 2006 at 01:33:16AM +0000, Jon Gretar B. wrote:

A good list is here…

Among the big names are,,,, and so on. Most of these have traffic
that would make the average sysadmin blush.

i doubt that. theres praobly more people that have blogged about these
sites than there are dedicated users.

care to Alexify your statement?
Well, that wasn’t my claim, but…

Penny-arcade is the obvious winner here, with reach sometimes
approaching 1K/1M and top-1000 rank. That would make all but about 1000
sysadmin blush, I guess.
Odeo is a distant 2nd and the others aren’t even close (although
streeteasy in particular is aimed at NYC only, so it’s hard to imagine
they care about alexa reach).