RE: Re: Rails on Tomcat or JBoss?

Thats not entirely through,

entirely true, ouch…

Well… for all practical purposes, it is true. But, technically, you
could use Tomcat’s webserver and CGI capabilities – at least this was
true the last time I checked (v4). We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone
using this in a production environment though…

That’s interesting. One of the big reasons to use J2EE is that servlets
scale much better than CGI scripts because only a single instance of
servlet is used to service all requests. Does that mean that using
with Apache is going back to the CGI approach? The Rails book lists
as an alternative to CGI. Does that change the situation?

Most of the clients I’ve worked with are already set-up to use one of
major J2EE application servers, like WebSphere, WebLogic, or JBoss.
Assuming they already use a separate web server (i.e., Apache), how do
deploy production Rails applications in those environments? Do people
the FastCGI approach? I seriously doubt any of my clients are going to
interested in replacing their existing web servers.

I freely admit that it’s likely I’m missing something, since my
is obviously Java and I’ve only just begun my journey toward Rails.

Any insight would be appreciated.



Kenneth A. Kousen, Ph.D.
Kousen IT, Inc.
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