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I think you still might be better off using Mongrel for you little
experiment. This is the path I chose, I setup a very small app using
InstantRails that has maybe 5 very low volume users and am hosting it on
a Win XP workstation running Mongrel as a service in production mode.

If you are using the latest InstantRails package, Mongrel is already
included but is just not the default so you really don’t have to do
anything special to start using it. If the company is really that open
source adverse, then I would think that Rails itself might be an issue.



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Thanks for the help on this everyone.  I know that webrick isn't

meant to be a heavy duty production web server, but if we had an
application with only a few (less than 5) users and a not very complex
application would it be acceptable?

I think getting something like MySQL into my company wouldn't be

too difficult. But they are EXTREMELY open source adverse. So Apache
and mongrel and solutions like that could be difficult. It’s too bad
that IIS isn’t really an option (not that I like it, but some people are
kind of forced into it).

From all the comments it sounds like trying to force a Rails app

into something like IIS and/or MS SQL Server would be a bad choice for a
first Rails app. I would hate for my little experiment to fail because
of infrastructure problems. Thanks.


On 8/2/06, Curt H. <[email protected]> wrote:

	No, Apache 2.x will be in Instant Rails 2, which is a

complete rewrite
(and multi-platform, to boot). But IR 2 probably won’t
be out until
next year.


	On 8/2/06, Brian H. < [email protected]

mailto:[email protected] > wrote:
> Curt:
> Awesome!
> Will this be using Apache 2.2, and will it have
support for SSL?
> On 8/2/06, Curt H. < [email protected]> wrote:
> > As an FYI to this thread. I am just starting work on
Instant Rails 1.4
> > which is going to drop SCGI and use Mongrel instead.
That will give a
> > prepackaged runtime for Apache/Ruby/Rails/MySQL that
uses Apache to
> > proxy requests to Mongrel.
> >
> > Curt
> >
> > On 8/2/06, Brian H. < [email protected]> wrote:
> > > no need to apologize at all, and thank you for the
kind words.
> > >
> > >
> > > On 8/2/06, Mathieu C.
> > > < [email protected] > wrote:
> > > > > That guide’s not complex…I’m just very
detailed :slight_smile:
> > > >
> > > > Brian, I wrote that for a Rail’s beginner point
of view, apol…
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I played around with Mongrel some last night and it definitely is easy
use. I liked how it can be set up as a service in Windows. Is Mongrel
big improvement over Webrick? I must say running locally its hard to
the difference. How necessary is it to use Lighty or Apache in front of
Mongrel? I can’t say I’m much of a web/appserver person, always been
more development oriented.

Rails/Ruby being open source will definitely be an issue. It’s not
impossible to use open source stuff at my company, but it can be
It took me 3 months but I convinced enough people at my company to pay
me to attend a Rails Studio, so I feel like there is a chance. I’m
my eyes peeled for any good opportunities for a test rails app. Our
customers have tons of Access DB’s around that they would like to make
client/server, but given how long it takes to get a J2EE app going, we
wouldn’t ever do it. I think Rails will fit this mold very nicely.


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