RE: Re: Platform performance comparisons

down on windows. On my machine I run our tests 4 times faster
in linux then in Windows. I can only attribute that to the
ruby windows implementation.

Good Luck

My personal observations indicate that the Windows FS is relatively
slower than Linux (and, frankly, every other FS I’ve ever benchmarked
against). I don’t think it’s just the Ruby implementation (which is
just using the posix compatible functions underneath the hood afaik),
but I’ve noticed similar results using Perl. Note that there used to
issues with the Ruby implementation back in the 1.6.x days, but
those were addressed.

I’ve even written pretty straightforward wrappers for native Win32 API
functions (e.g. CreateFile), and it was actually a little slower than
the current implementation in Ruby. And before any Windows folks get
their panties in a bunch, I actually head the Win32 Utils project, so
I’m not some random Windows basher. Of course, using the native
functions does let you do things like asynchronous IO, but that’s
another topic.

In my own very informal and never-to-be-published benchmarks, FreeBSD
actually performed the best on identical hardware (I was using a
multi-boot setup). On a side note, I’ve heard that the Vista FS is
supposed to be much improved.



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I’m writing the chapter on Windows deployment for the upcoming Rails
Deployment book… here’s what i can tell you:

  1. Rails (and Ruby) apps run slower on Windows. How much slower depends
    your box. I’ve got a 700mhz Ubuntu setup that performs as well as a
    2ghz Xeon setup running Windows 2003 Server. However, I also have an
    Sempron based laptop (1.8 ghz) that runs my Rails apps just as fast as
    700mhz Linux machine. You have to do the tests yourself, and I recommend
    httperf as a benchmarking tool for web apps.

  2. IIS can’t be used to deploy Rails, but you can use proxy tools like
    ISAPI_Rewrite. I have some guides on my site that can get you started
    integrating IIS + Mongrel into your organization. You can eventually
    from Mongrel on Windows to Mongrel on Linux and still serve requests
    IIS. This setup will be addressed in the book.

Feel free to ask any other questions… I’m here to help.