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If you just want to sample the audio from a microphone, the best option

is to use the computer’s built-in sound card. Gnuradio has a signal

processing block called audio.source that reads samples from the mic or

line-in port of a sound card.

If you still want to use the USRP, you will want the LFRX daughter board

to sample baseband audio. The board has an SMA connector, not an audio

jack, so you may have to stick a wire in somewhere and solder something.


Prasant Misra wrote:


I am not very familiar with GNU radio but have a basic working idea about it.

I wanted to know if it is possible to catch sound signal from a source and then feed it to the system for signal processing. To be very specific, are there any additional daughter boards that come with USRP that come with a microphone that can convert these sound signals to electronics pulses that can then used for processing the signals.

Or is there a socket on the USRP where we can plug in a microphone that takes care to achieve the above functionality.

Please suggest.



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