Re: Re: multiple habtm problem

i’ve established that only the habtm relationhip listed first in my
model will submit to the join on the ‘new’ action

yet both still work on the ‘update’ action


I’ve found this too Anthony. Have you opened up a bug report on this?


Hey Nick, Anthony, ara,

Search the archives of this mailing list for: *[Rails] Problem with
when model has two HABTM
Several people have contibuted to this ‘feature’.

The short of it, on create you have to save the collection owner and
alter the collections.

Not ideal, but works.

It still might be a good idea to submit an issue for this; the
suggests even the first collection shouldn’t be saved for newly created
models, though.


I submitted a ticket a couple of days ago.

Apparently it has been fixed. I haven’t checked out the latest trunk
yet to test it.

Ya, found this ticket and tried out the patch. Seems to work alright for