Re: RE Images

There is an obvious want in the community for an asset management arm to
Radiant, however it seems that there are many different views on how to
conduct it.

I would be really interested in developing the any-page-any-resource
as discussed earlier by Daniel / Chris / Maurizio, and was wondering if

seeing as any kind of asset management will be on the roadmap much
down the line - there would be a few people in the radiant community
interested in trying to code something robust now? There is most
certainly a
want for this kind of functionality and it appears that the current
on the roadmap is to have page “attachments” rather than site resources.

Who would be interested in working on a some radiant functionality to
accomplish this?


Tim P.

Dan, in general I plan to implement assets as “attachments” to pages.
They will be stored in the database for portability, but permanently
cached on disk as well. Xavier has already done some work on this. And
Matt McCray was working with him on it.

I wasn’t planning on implementing attachments for another couple of
versions. Pluggins and Blogging are ahead on the Roadmap, but if a
couple of you want to preempt me with your own code, feel free.

I’d encourage you to take a look at these threads:

And of course the tentative Road map:

John L.

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